4Sync 1.2

4Sync is a trustworthy online cloud storage solution

4Sync is a powerful, handy, convenient and reliable cloud storage solution that lets you access any of your files from a secure online location at any time and from any device, from laptops and desktop computers to smartphones and tablets. Its effective file synchronization capabilities will ensure that your files will always be up-to-date, even if you access them from multiple locations. Furthermore, 4Sync also features trustworthy encryption, so your personal photos or other confidential files will always remain safe while using this service. 4Sync is already a great backup choice, helping you safeguard precious data against unforeseen data loss caused by various unwanted events. If instead of hiding and protecting data, you want the opposite: to share it, 4Sync is still great for the job. It includes effective sharing functions that let you distribute screenshots or other files to whomever you want.

4Sync is also really easy-to-use. Its neat interface is straightforward and intuitive. This renders the app suitable for beginners, but experts will also like it, as it comes with some handy additional settings and advanced features, such as the file transfer speed limits.

If you're willing to purchase a paid 4Sync plan, you can get the impressive 1 TB of online storage space for more than the 60 days that the free trial version offers.

To sum it all up, 4Sync is a nice cloud storage solution that offers plenty of cool features and seems capable of competing against acknowledged names like Dropbox or Google Drive.

Margie Smeer
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Review summary


  • Both the desktop client and the web interface are easy to use
  • Allows taking and sharing screenshots
  • Offers plenty of storage space


  • The Premium paid plan seems a bit pricey compared to similar services
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